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The App

When I first moved to the magnificent Calling City, I realized how expensive it was to call back home.

And since I'm not one to sit around and let this be, I created an app that would make is easy to keep in touch, and save me a few bucks as well.

To reflect its awesomeness, I named the app after myself! :D

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Smashing rates for international calls
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VOIP calling via Wi-Fi or 3G
International call to anyone in your contacts list
Low rates on international calls
Talkzilla: International calling is rewarding and fun
Talkzilla customer support
Talkzilla: a VOIP app for international calls

The Talkzilla

People say I'm so cool I could start a new ice age! And everyone wants a piece of me...

So with Talkzilla, not only will you get a mind-blowing calling app, but you also get a little Talkzilla of your own! In your smartphone, all day, every day.

You'll find out how much fun he can be, and the discounts he'll give you!

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It's only natural that an iconic figure like me has exquisite taste. So any Talkzilla, just like myself, requires mouthwatering, delicious cookies to grow up.

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I bet you can't wait to try out my awesome app!

Download it now and get free trial credit to start making cheap international calls right away!